These wonderful alpacas are our joy and fulfillment in our daily work, but the breeding of these animals puts ademand each of us, because our goal is to improve the quality every year .

We are alpaca breeders and make it our honor, a good alpaca breeding, to perform with excellent quality, a continuous development and improvement of genetics in our own herd.

From our own herd we have animals in different price categories, in each age group, gender, and in different colors, and constantly have ALPAKAS for sale.
• juveniles
• Breeding animals
• Leisure Animals / geldings
Through our extensive experience convincing breeding success has been achieved, which is located in a balanced, healthy and high quality herd.

Alpaka 640px038Our breeding animals all have a microchip and registered with DNA and pedigree in an alpaca breeding association.

Firstly, we place great emphasis on good characteristics (beauty of the animal) and fiber quality such as density, fineness, luster and a uniform fiber structure. Second, a welfare with all the necessary care procedures is very important, which is crucial for the health, improvements in genetics and animal welfare. Interested, beginners and advanced, we support in all aspects of keeping and breeding of alpacas.

Visit our farm or contact us for further information on animals for sale.
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