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We, the couple Gerhard and Ewa , are from childhood , grown up in the countryside and with animals. Then decades lived and worked in the big cities, we moved to compensate for the bustle back to the countryside.

It is an honor for us, and with a sense of duty and love for the animal to be able to run this wonderful alpaca breeding farm.

When we during a short trip to South America first met these for us unknown, wonderful-looking, cuddly alpacas, we were fascinated by the beauty, the gentle look and the intelligence of these animals and started us, for the breeding of such to interested.

It was love at first sight for these animals

We were informed about the breed, future prospects and profitability of these animals. Convinced to build a life with an alpaca breeding, there was no need long deliberation and in spring 2014, it was time that the first alpacas populated our small pastures in Germany in Berlin.

It was a new beginning, it was a new species, it was a new challenge, it was good feeling to start something special.

Since the breeding of alpacas is much more elaborate than just keeping these animals as pets, we put the business package to our family and thus developed (what was once thought quite small) a small family busines, in which the now Ewa's parents are involved.

AFF Hof640px0462012 then met the family together, the discussion focused on the future of the parents not economically operating farm with about 6.5 ha near Pulawy / Poland. After several days and long nights of planning calculations , costs. etc. we opted  to send our alpacas to Poland, to a known green belt in this beautiful area on the banks of the Vistula, yet to begin once again. Meanwhile, it has been totally rebuilt-restructured and offers us and our animals and our guests and visitors an oasis on the outskirts of Pulawy in a hectic time.




takes over the organizational responsibilities in the area of ​​these animals, is responsible for the breeding management,



Office administrator

changing her profession to alpaca rearing, also responsible for the handling and marketing of alpacas.

Relaxing Oasis

For our guests and visitors an oasis on the outskirts of Pulawy in a hectic time.