ALPACA wool a health-promoting
natural raw material

About health one speaks rarely, as long as it is there.

However, about diseases, medications and treatment options cause much talk.
Yet the answers are so close, especially if one looks at the nature. Here gives an animal to man, literally his warmth.

When we started with the alpaca breeding, we knew even nothing or little about the healing effect of this wonderful fiber or wool.
- "In all beginnings dwells a magic force in this regard" -
The alpaca wool is a natural, repeatedly renewing raw material, therefore are alpacas fully ecological fiber factory, which produces around the clock.

Alpacas are with their different colored wools one of the mosts colorful animals on earth.
They are available in more than 60 natural colors, making the fiber in this variety of colors that can be processed naturally.

This wonderful natural fiber has medicinal properties, in addition Hypoallergenic is.slider8

Taking the individual alpaca fiber under the microscope, one can see that this fiber has many small air pockets, which makes it therefore also very light. Thereby it has unique thermal properties.
The fiber, with their air bags acts as an air conditioner, it regulates heat and cold to the body and there is no heat accumulation.

Alpaca fiber is very similar to our human body,
Therefore the alpaca fiber creates a healing and balancing heat.

Alpacas produce a very clean fiber which can be processed by 85-95%.
In comparison, the amount of sheep fiber, due to the high lanolin - content suitable only for 40-75%.
Alpaca fiber has no lanolin by which dust and bacteria attach themselves which can cause allergies.
Thus, the fiber has an antibacterial effect to our body.

Alpaca fiber, there is very little, it is only 3-4% of the total volume of wool worldwide.