Alpacas belong to the genus of South American camelids. They have a life expectancy of about 20 to 25 years.
Alpacas are intelligent, quiet, good-natured and very tough. Alpakas can be found even in very sparse pastures, and still find sufficient food. Alpacas eat about the same amount as sheep, however, they better put their food into energy.

You do not need special fencing or closed stables, recommended is an open stable attitude in which they find weather dependent protection and are not affected by many diseases of sheep.


Alpacas have their origin in South America. They are located mainly in Peru, Bolivia and Chile.
Due to their adaptability one meets the animals there and at altitudes of up to 6000 m above sea level. Temperature fluctuations of 30 degrees in one day are no problem for alpacas. Your quality fiber protects them from extreme weather conditions.

In the 1990s, about 32 the first animals arrived in europe mainly as a hobby. From Chile and Peru via France and Belgium to Germany. Since 1996 they are recognized here as farm animals

The economy? is a good question that gets asked over and over again and that
- "Can you make a living ?????????????" -

Those who decide to purchase alpacas, it should address with its own objective:
- I want to fund my life again? or
- I want to achieve only an additional extra income? or
- I want it only for my own pleasure, to compensate for the everyday stress and for the soul?

If you want to fund your life,  the stock must be built continuously thereafter.